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Enjoy a thrilling Sports fishing Experience with our Skilled fishing Crew

Sport fishing is  one of the most famous activity in UAE. Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf are rich with different kinds of fish such as Tuna,  Hamour ( grouper) ,  Barracuda, Kingfish, Queen Fish, Golden Dorado,  Jack fish, Traveller, Snapper.
Two types of fishing we do. Deep sea or trolling fishing and bottom fishing.
In deep sea fishing we use trolling with fake fish (Rapala) to catch big fish like Cobia, Barracuda, Jack fish, Hamour, King fish, Dorado.
Bottom fishing  with rods and hand line fishing are classical fishing methods used by years from the boats. Fresh bites used to attract fish down, especially for Jack fish, Sherry and other small scale fish.
Our fishing boats are for 6  people capacity.  We have enough fishing rods and lines or trolling for everyone. We also provide you with soft drinks on board as complimentary.

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