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Diving - an exciting adventure !!!

People have always been entranced by the underwater worl Why? Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it’s because we all came from the sea, or maybe it’s because 90% of our bodies is water.

Whatever the reason, to see the underwater world with your own eyes is like dipping into another dimension ….

And here in the UAE, we have found, in the Indian Ocean off the east coast, one of the most interesting places for diving.

Martini Rock

Martini Rock is a small coral island with several sandy gullies. It is covered with red, orange and purple corals interspersed with whole branches of green and white corals and crinoids clusters where shrimp hide. The abundance of marine life like rays, fusiliers, triggerfish, largemouth mackerel make this an incredible place for diving. Sometimes it is even possible to spot some rare sea “visitors” here -black reef sharks and leopard sharks.


Words can’t describe the magic of diving off the Emirates’ east coast

The UAE east coast is a pristine habitat of myriad life forms. It is so rich in color and biodiversity that time just feels to have stopped. You just must see this at least once in your life.